AARM provides quality, safe, secure storage for:

  1. Banking and Financial
  2. Legal
  3. Healthcare
  4. Engineering
  5. Insurance
  6. Communications
  7. Education
  8. Real Estate
  9. Retail, manufacturing
  10. Government

…or any other business with document management responsibilities. Whatever your business, your main focus is not document management, and after reviewing information on our site, will see the value in having AARM store and manage your records. You are most likely here because you have already realized that as your business grows, trying to manage documents in-house can lead to costly inefficiencies, waste and unnecessary frustration.

All American Records Management’s main business is document management. We can help you! We provide full service record management services of all types and sizes in Denver and Colorado Springs CO.  and the surrounding areas. We serve all companies large or small so consider outsourcing your records management to AARM. We have your document solution.

Why you should outsource your records management

Why should you outsource your records management? Depending on your business, the benefits will vary greatly but almost all of our clients experience great cost savings, added convenience, enhanced security, increased efficiency and peace of mind.

For many companies the cost savings are dramatic, making this a very simple and wise bottom-line decision. On average, you will find that AARM can save you 30-50% on your current storage costs. You will enjoy the savings, along with peace of mind when outsourcing your records management program. Keeping track of files and documents from years past can require a great deal of labor and often results in clutter and confusion throughout your office. The easy solution is AARM – we take all the hassles away!


When it comes to the care and management of your critical files, you need to rely on a company that will take the time and effort to understand your business and will provide the level of security, service and integrity you deserve.

With AARM, you can be certain that your critical records are safe and secure. Our buildings are fully covered for fire and theft with complete sprinkler systems and security systems designed to protect your records from crime and natural disasters.

Security is a priority at AARM Records Management Services. Our 24-hour surveillance systems add to this high level of security. We conduct background checks on each of our employees and they go through an extensive training program to ensure that your records are always well protected at every step in the process.

Developing top-level and precise file management systems is an ongoing priority for our team.  The results of this commitment are realized through an unrivaled track record.

When it comes to managing your records, stability is very important. AARM has been around since 2009. Because AARM owns all of its buildings, you can be sure that we will be here to stay and that you will be able to rely on a long-term relationship with people you can trust.

Why switch to AARM?

  1. A potential 30-50% savings in your labor costs
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Less frustration and hassle
  4. Enhanced security
  5. Increased efficiency
  6. Less clutter and confusion
  7. Local Customer Service Team

How can I tell if I will save money by outsourcing my records management to AARM?

We will help you determine the answer to this question through our cost analysis. Simply give us a call and be prepared for the following questions

  1. How much office/storage space do you allocate to storing your archive files and records? Calculate your total cost per square foot you are paying for your current allocated space.
  2. Can your organization better utilize that space for another use?
  3. How many man hours are currently allocated to manage, retrieve and re-file archived files and records? What does this labor cost you?
  4. What do you store?

We store just about everything including: backup tapes and disks (in high security, climate-controlled rooms), all sizes of boxes and files, office furniture and equipment.

How quickly can I get a file or box delivered?

AARM is fast! If you request files or boxes before 11AM, we will deliver them to you that same afternoon. If you make your request in the afternoon before 4PM, we will have them to you the next morning. If you require a delivery ASAP, we can make your delivery within two hours (for a small additional fee).
Deliveries are usually made during normal business hours.

You can get deliveries before and after normal business hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for an additional fee. We always have someone on call to respond to your urgent requests.

Will my inventory be safe?

Yes. AARM has state-of-the art fire and security systems including 24-hour recorded video surveillance. Only authorized personnel have access to our facilities, and guests must sign in and be accompanies by authorized AARM personnel.

How do I place a request to AARM to deliver or pick up files and/or boxes?

There are three convenient ways to place your request: 1) Fax us your request, 2) Call your local customer service representative, 3) Access our secure website and place your request online.

Can you shred documents that are no longer needed?

AARM has a full-service document destruction program. We provide you with secure bins for documents to be shredded and have scheduled pick up days for your convenience. Upon your request, we can pull your documents directly out of the warehouse and shred.


We are a locally owned and family operated Colorado business celebrating over 30 years of service excellence. We support the communities we service with cutting edge technology, are cost effective and have dedicated people providing reliable and timely services.

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